Oct 19, 2010

Why Blog?

Blogging is about making an online presence. How a person chooses to frame that presence is entirely up to each individual blogger. Blogging is beneficial in the corporate world because it allows these corporations to have conversations with their consumers. It is all about building a solid relationship between the suits and the buyers. It gives companies the opportunity to converse with their consumers, and in return, they can provide better goods and services to meet their consumers’ needs. Now that is just good business and great ROI (return on investment).

Blogging is beneficial to me because it provides me the opportunity to share professional information. I am able to showcase my work, share contests and industry information which I found helpful, tutorials, and links to helpful articles in the industry. Moreover, it allows me to prove to potential employers that I more than a 9-5er, that I have a passion for what I do as I invest enough of my personal time to keep a professional blog up-to-date.

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