Nov 2, 2010

My Dream Job After Graduation!

Many of my classmates and I are fast approaching graduation and the thought of where, what, and for whom to go work is constantly looming overhead. As we attend the many career expos and field trips to companies in the industry, we are left with the scary reality that it is time to get out there and get hired! I have gone to job search engines and typed in technical writer. The jobs appear to be out there and in abundance, but which one is right for me? I dread being stuck writing the boring and mundane. I need something that fits me.

Personally, I love interactive documents and the thought of creating interactive documents for e-readers, PDAs, Smart phones, and web excites me entirely too much. In my inexperienced and humble opinion, this is the future of technical writing. Currently, I am focusing on this course of study with all of my electives learning as much as I possibly can about HTML, CSS, JAVA, whatever I can get my hands on including special investigations courses to self-study this wondrous field. Where can I find a great job on the cutting edge of the electronic documentation industry?

I just received my latest issue of HOW magazine yesterday. Much to my surprise, I found an amazing article about The Wonderfactory on pg. 59. As I read, I realized that working for The Wonderfactory is my DREAM JOB! They are working on cutting edge applications! The Wonderfactory creates interactive documents for Time, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic, among others. Their work makes me dream in clickivision! The periodical applications they create for e-readers are just too awesome! I am thinking who wouldn't ♥ to work for Joe McCambley and David Link?

A word of encouragement to my fellow classmates. Those great jobs are out there, guys. We just have to know how to get our feet in their doors!

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