May 23, 2011

Joplin, MO Relief

Photo by Mike Gullet with the Associated Press

Readers, this disaster hits very close to my home. Joplin is the pulse of our South West Missouri community, and it is all but gone. If you would like to help the Joplin relief, you may contact the Red Cross. If you have donations, here is a link on Google Docs of available drop off locations. If you know of a location in your area, please add it to the list. These families need hygiene supplies, diapers, feminine napkins, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, etc. Thank you for supporting this community in its dire time.

Joplin Relief Drop-off Locations:

It is important to beware of scam artists in times such as these. Be sure that your monetary donations go through a credited non-for-profit charity, such as the Red Cross or Convoy of Hope. Also, if someone calls you to collect money, tell them "NO!" A true relief fund organization will never call your home for money. These calls are not to be trusted.  

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