Oct 19, 2010

Blog Servers: Free vs. Paid

When deciding to create a blog you must decide whether you want a free blog server such as Wordpress or Blogger verses a paid blog server such as Square Space. The choice cannot be an easy one to make. In this post I will compare some of the features of each.

  • Free! The core software is built by 100s of volunteers as an open source project
  • Offers plug ins, themes, and widgets
  • Stable releases
  • Support network
  • No license fees
  • Users have the freedom to manipulate the software
  • Don't need to know code
  • Multi-blogging; supports more than one blog per installation
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Search engines love them if regularly updated.

Square Space:

  • Sophisticated sites for business and professional blogs
  • Paid service with rates from $12 - $36 per month set up on annual contract plans
  • Not downloadable it has its own unique hosting arcitecture
  • No web hosting it uses a grid hosting service.
  • Complete fuly managed practice
  • Files are size restricted
  • Works with Google applications
  • Easyto use and setup
  • Built in RSS feeds

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