Oct 20, 2010

Hone Your Writing Skills

I want to share an amazing experience today. I recently completed an assignment for my advanced composition class. The goal of the assignment was to take an old paper I had written and gotten an A on and make that paper better. I was thinking "how can I possibly make A work better?" To my shock and amazement, it was doable! I took an existing research paper and honed the sentences and word choices, the clarity and style of each and every word and how those words worked cohesively. The point--there is always room for improvement! As we gain experience and knowledge we can look at these projects and see how to do our best work even better.

  • Write everyday

  • Edit, edit, edit

  • Revise and restructure over and over again

Through this exercise, I realized that practice will hone your skills. I now know nothing is perfect and everything we do has room for improvement! Because of this assignment, I am an undergraduate student who is publishing a critical essay in a national publication where the competition is fierce! My advice is to go back and rework your best work from a year ago. You will see just how far your own writing skills have come.

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