Oct 10, 2010

Need to Find Your Focus Zone?

Concentration and the ability to focus and stay on task are the keys to success in any profession. For those of you who are able to get into "the zone" and stay there until your task is complete, consider yourselves among the elite. For those that struggle with focus, it is time to buckle down and find those focus zones.

Although technology is wonderful, it is probably the number one concentration killer out there. If you are up against a deadline, log out of the social media sites and buckle down. Those tweets can wait for break time. Cell phones are fantastic, but 9 times out of 10 the calls we receive are not emergencies. Guess what? Cell phones have built in secretaries. Set the phone to silent and let the voice mail pick up the call. When you finish that daunting task, you can check your inbox and return any missed calls. For more information go to:

No one is truly a great multitasker. This is because the cerebral cortex is only capable of focusing on one task at a time. "Your brain is actually rapidly switching focus from one task to another." This often leads to careless mistakes. The key to efficiency is organization and time management. Everyone is capable of mastering these two skills with enough practice and discipline. Once you learn to give a task you undivided attention, you will be more productive knocking out all of those pesky tasks by lunch time! The best thing about being so efficient is that everyone thinks you must be a wonderful "multitasker.” For more information go to:

Stop procrastinating! Everyone has to do tasks that make them yawn. The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish. Learn to push yourself. If you tell yourself that you don’t want to do something or that you can't do something, you will not succeed. Make it a point to show yourself just what you can do!

Be your own number one fan. As a general rule, when someone takes pride in their self, that prides shines through in their quality of work. Lack of self-confidence will only weigh you down and limit your perception.

Is your life running you ragged? Get control before you lose control. Learn to let go of those worries that are nagging you. Stress and depression can lead to serious health issues. Releasing endorphins can help you manage stress and steer clear from depression. For more information go to:

Get your sleep! If you’re tired, you will not perform well. Your body must be taken care of properly to perform properly. If you are tired you will miss important details or make expensive mistakes.

Eat breakfast. The brain is your super computer and it needs power to give you optimal performance. Most nutritionists claim that eating a breakfast that consists of whole grains, omega 3 fatty acids, dairy, and fresh fruit is best way to boot up your think machine in the morning.

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