Oct 13, 2010

What Are You Worth?

Are you graduating? Maybe a little nervous about going out into the work force fresh from college? Make sure you get in some practice interviews with career services or in front of the mirror at home. Practice answering the tough questions before you go in so you won't freeze up!

One of the most popular interview questions is "Tell us a little about yourself." GULP!

  • Rehearse ahead of time. When you don't, you might panic and not say the right things or leave somethings out that you really wanted to say.

  • Think outside of the box. Tell them something about you that will make you stand apart from all of the rest of the interviewees.

  • Know what the pay bracket is for the area in which you are applying for that position. You don't want to under estimate your worth.

I recently did my homework on this topic to prepare myself for a job interview with a prospective employer. I want to share a great website with all of you for researching your pay scale! Good luck landing that great job after graduation!

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