Dec 7, 2010

My Design Resume

I really wanted to do something beautiful with my resume, something that says "WOW", "amazing", and "so beautiful". I decided to put together a brochure, but not just any old brochure! I went with an exotic, twist fold. Upon opening my brochure, my potential employer will find my business card inside.

Inside of brochure

Outside of Brochure

Front Folded

Back Side Folded

Opening the Fold

Reveal the inlay card

The Business Card Inlay

Remove My Business Card to Meet Me

The specifications:

12" x 12" trimmed, 0.125" margin, 0.125" bleed, 6" x 6" folded, printed front and back, cost of production per piece = $1.33


Visual graphic resume, self promotion piece

Target Audience:

Potential employers

Call to action:

Contact me for an interview

This project required much strategic planning for its unique folds. I first had to measure and calculate the folds and live areas. Next, I needed to set up the In Design template with dimensions, angles, margins, and folds. The entire piece is created with perfect squares. These squares are then nested within one another on a 45 degree angle. The layout and design of this piece required me to create a folding dummy.

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