Mar 6, 2011

Pettibon Photograpy

Pettibon Photography is officially open for business in Nevada, Missouri. I had the privilege of designing both the company logo and business card.

Ron D. Pettibon, Professional Photographer, considers himself and his new company contemporary. He was looking for a design that would embrace contemporary style using geometric angles and sleek design. He requested the logo embed his personal identity into the design in some fashion, but he wasn't sure how he wanted this accomplished. He desired a color scheme that looked clean, professional, and modern. Going off of these guidelines, I chose a color palette of yellow, charcoal gray, and white. Next, I chose to embed his identity into the logo using typography, the initials of his full name in lowercase letters to embrace a modern ideal. For the typographical design, I chose a font that would offer contemporary style, with sleek design, Bauhaus 93.


For the business card, I chose to use a two sided, verticle design. The front of the card acts as a miniature portfolio while the back side of the card offers contact information. In keeping with the contemporary, modern design of the logo, I designed round frames around the thumbnail images. I chose to contrast the thumbnails images with the a solid background using the same yellow from the logo. To give the card a formal, professional finish, a boarder of the charcoal color from the logo was used with a full bleed.

Business Card: Front and Back

Ron D. Pettibon of Pettibon Photography is very happy with both his logo and business card designs.

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